Nest Protect - Wired

Meet Nest Protect.
This smoke alarm has advanced technologies to communicate with you when it detects smoke or carbon monoxide whether you're home or not.
Voice alerts quickly advise of an issue and it has Bluetooth LE so you can silence the alarm via the Nest app on your phone if you've accidentally burnt something in the kitchen.
Nest Protect sends you phone alerts when you're not home to tell you what's wrong and in what room, it has a Split-Spectrum Sensor to detect smoke from both fast-burning and smouldering fires, tests its sensors repeatedly, and is the first alarm to use Sound Check to quietly test its speaker and siren once a month.
Plus, Nest Protect has a carbon monoxide sensor that lasts for up to a decade.
Nest Protect doubles as a night light with a green ring when it's lights-out time.

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Product description


  • Up to 10-year product lifetime
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Voice alarms with custom location
  • Nest app Mobile Alerts
  • Wi-Fi - Yes
  • Works with Google Assistant - Yes

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