Kenwood MultiPro Sense Food Processor - Stainless Steel

All your food processing requirements are combined in the Multi Pro Sense Food Processor from Kenwood.

Switch between blender processing bowl and mini bowl to get precise results in food preparation. Save on bench and storage space with this all-in-one food processor.

The Kenwood Multi Pro can do virtually every conceivable food processing task including mixing, blending, whisking, juicing, kneading, grating, slicing and more.

Numerous attachments make this processor extremely versatile and sold separately items expand on that diversity. Enjoy a clutter-free kitchen with built-in weighing scales that allow you to add and weigh up to 3 kg straight into the bowl.

Choose either metric or imperial measurements during food preparation for a convenient match with quantities in your delicious recipes.

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Product description


  • Auto-variable speed control
  • ThermoResist™ blender
  • Tritan™ bowls
  • Built in scales
  • Solid brushed metal body
  • In bowl drive: The specially designed in bowl drive increases the bowl capacity, as there is no need for a central spindle.
  • Dual drive: The dual drive system automatically adjusts to allow both a food processor and a blender to be run from the same power base, thereby saving valuable space.
  • Eco mode: The Multipro Sense will automatically switch to Eco mode if left idle for 30 minutes. This reduces energy consumption by up to 50 per cent.

What's in the Box: 
1 x ThermoResist Blender 
1 x Tritan Bowls 
1 x Dough Tool 
1 x Folding Tool 
1 x Mini Bowl and Blade 
1 x Fine Julienne Disk 
1 x Max Capacity Disc 
1 x Extra Fine Grater 
1 x Chopping Blade 
1 x 4mm Slicing/Grating Disc 
1 x 2mm Slicing/Grating Disc 
1 x Decorative Slicing Disc 
1 x Twin Geared Metal Whisk 
1 x Storage Box

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