Epicurean Gourmet Cutting Board - Juice Groove

Gourmet Series boards are thicker and heavier than our Kitchen Series boards and feature a juice groove.
Embrace your inner gourmet with Epicurean Gourmet Cutting Boards. The thicker profile and heavier weight of these boards will give you confidence to cut and chop with gusto.
A juice groove on one side keeps things tidy, and there is a flat food prep surface on the other - perfect for your most challenging recipes.
The Gourmet Series boards are made using 3/8 inch material.

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Product description


  • Natural wood fiber based cutting surface environmentally friendly trees are harvested from managed forests
  • Surfaces are dishwasher safe or are easily cleaned with soap and water National Safety Foundation (NSF) approved
  • Knife Friendly
  • Maintenance free, no need to oil or bleach.
  • Material developes a richer color over time.
  • Preferred material for food preparation by chefs and commercial kitchens for over 40 years.
  • Temperature resisitant to up to 350 degrees.
  • Use as a trivet without leaving browned rings from pots and pans
  • Enginered space for handling and hanging

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